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With Rx360+ you get four tools in one powerful, proven study system. Prepare to nail your class content and crush the Step 1 with the most comprehensive suite of tools for high-yield learning, self-assessment, and review.

Rx360+ tools are 100% integrated, letting you easily explore the same topic across multiple tools for a truly high-yield experience.



  • Full access to Rx Bricks, Step 1 Qmax, Flash Facts, and Express Videos
  • Over 2,300 thoroughly reviewed USMLE-style questions
  • Two 160-item self-assessment exams
  • Over 14,000 flash cards
  • Over 3,500 case-based flash cards
  • Over 1,300 videos, providing 80+ hours of high-yield instruction
  • Includes an integrated, fully-digital version of First Aid
  • Study Stream spaced repetition to track your performance over time and make your studying more efficient
  • Complete Rx Bricks library with hundreds of high-yield, patient-centered “bricks” plus all new collections that release during your subscription period
  • Rx Bricks progress meters, brick summaries, analytics, and SmartNotes
  • Study anytime, anywhere with the USMLE-Rx app (iOS and Android)
  • Always patient-centered, so you can see how each concept applies in the real world

See why tens of thousands of students have trusted the tools in Rx360+:

I use USMLE-Rx on a daily basis, especially Bricks, it’s so thorough and concise makes it easier and I am not overloading myself with materials. I really like how on bricks it poses questions as you are reading to keep you on track and make sure you are actually comprehending whatever it is that you are reading.

Seriously, though, I really enjoy the fact that I can focus on just learning one thing: First Aid. Everything is based on learning it in various ways: videos, flash cards, questions, etc. I like being able to just focus all of my attention on one thing rather than a bunch of different resources that may or may not overlap.

This software is a really great way to interact with the material from the FirstAid Book. The flashcards, questions, and videos have helped me prepare for my courses as well as the USMLE/COMLEX.

There isn’t a resource like this currently out there, and I think it would be very helpful to have during both first and second year. It’s great that it matches up with First Aid, which is vital as that’s practically the STEP 1 Bible.

It provides a complete review for the USMLE. Especially the Q-bank… I love the integration between the flash cards and how you can look up terms in the USMLE First Aid book.

The setup is awesome. You can do flashcards on an individual topic and also do questions pertaining to those specific topics. Also, it’s a more active way of going through a chapter in First Aid.

Do you want to come back to a First Aid topic?

Add it to your Study Stream, and you’ll see the right flashcards to review at the right time.

Study Stream uses spaced repetition to track your performance over time and make your studying more efficient. See topics more often if you aren't sure you fully understand them, and less often once you master each topic, to optimize your study time.

As you add topics from First Aid, more flashcards are added to Study Stream. And the best part? You can add to your Study Stream from both Flash Facts and Qmax.

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