Rx360 blends three tools into one powerful, proven study system.

Students who score 250+ on the USMLE Step 1 use the right combination of high-yield study tools.


  • Full access to Qmax, Flash Facts, and Express Videos
  • Get a massive discount by grabbing all three products in this package deal
  • Study anytime, anywhere with the USMLE-Rx app
  • Fully integrated with First Aid

The only comprehensive digital exam prep product created by the authors of First Aid, designed for use alongside First Aid.

All 3 tools in the Rx360 study system connect with each other—and with First Aid—to help you master the content you’re learning and OWN the USMLE Step 1. Once you review a subject in one tool, Rx360 lets you explore it further it in all the other tools.

For instance, imagine your instructor introduces the topic of bacterial genetics in class. To dive deeper, you watch the Express Video—where a senior student explains it clearly and crisply. At the end of the video, you see links to the topic of bacterial genetics in both Flash Facts and Qmax.


So you decide to test your knowledge of bacterial genetics by clicking over to Flash Facts, where you go through the 20 flashcards associated with the topic.

Feeling confident about your knowledge of bacterial genetics, you click over to Qmax to test yourself with topical, USMLE-style practice questions.


As you review your answers to the practice test, you find quick access to the bacterial genetics section of First Aid included with your subscription.

And finally, as you review the topic again in First Aid, you always have immediate access to a clear video explanation of the content at the click of a button. All without ever having to leave USMLE-Rx.


Rx360’s tools are 100% integrated, letting you easily explore the same topic across any of the tools for a truly high-yield study experience.

Bundle & Save Get the Total Package for Med School Mastery

Bundle Rx Bricks + Rx360 together and prepare to nail your class content and crush the Step 1 with the most comprehensive package of tools for high-yield learning, assessment, and review. It’s everything you need to know to succeed in class and on the boards at special bundle pricing.

Do you want to come back to a First Aid topic?

Add it to your Study Stream, and you’ll see the right flashcards to review at the right time.

Study Stream uses spaced repetition to track your performance over time and make your studying more efficient. See topics more often if you aren't sure you fully understand them, and less often once you master each topic, to optimize your study time.

As you add topics from First Aid, more flashcards are added to Study Stream. And the best part? You can add to your Study Stream from both Flash Facts and Qmax.

Use any Rx360 tool. Anytime, anywhere. With one simple app.

Turn a long wait at a restaurant, a 30-minute car ride, or idle time before an appointment into high-yield study time. Without having to switch between apps. Our easy-to-use app enables you to take tests, review flashcards, or watch videos—anytime, anywhere.

What students are saying about Rx360:

Students love Rx360 because it’s the only comprehensive digital exam prep platform created by the authors of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 for use alongside First Aid.

USMLE-Rx is a great resource that includes so many awesome features and goes hand in hand with First Aid which is very helpful and the people associated with Rx are always motivated to improve and are very engaging and want you to learn always. I am very impressed and satisfied.

The videos are short and sweet. They match up with First Aid very well. The flash facts are also my favorite. When you’re sick of doing questions and videos, it’s a quick memorization/recall method that allows you to solidify the content. I’ve also never had any glitches while using the program – as i’ve had with others resources. Overall USMLE-Rx is an all-in-one resource that is easy to navigate and hits all the high yield topics.


It was a great resource and helped me maintain a steady study habit. I loved the fact that it provided an opportunity to watch videos, test your knowledge with practice questions, and review the information daily with quick flash cards! Overall this was a must have resource. I am so grateful and hope that it continues helping others!

The quality of questions and testing scenarios available are phenomenal. USMLR-Rx has helped me integrate topics which were taught in isolation over my years as a medical student.

I’ve used Rx360 for 90 days, renewed my subscription for the next six months & feel that it is the best learning system I’ve worked with to excel on NBME & Step 1 exams.

I love the diverse questions and explanations found using USMLE-Rx. It’s an amazing resource that not only provides a great question bank, but videos and flashcards to go along with First Aid.

I have done several Qbanks, but none of them can compare or compete with the explanations that Qmax provides per question. Also, I love the videos and how they are an interactive way to complement First Aid.

Because it provides a complete review for the USMLE. Especially the Q-bank….I love the integration between the Flash cards and how you can look up terms in the USMLE First Aid book. Great job guys!


It is very thorough and works so well with the First Aid book. I found it so helpful to have a Qbank that I can regularly keep up with as I study through Firs Aid. Awesome price, thorough explanations, videos, assessments…seriously amazing.

The setup is awesome. You can do flashcards on an individual topic and also do questions pertaining to those specific topics. Also, it’s a more active way of going through a chapter in the first aid. Loved how USMLE-Rx was based off of First Aid.

I love it! It’s been so useful. All the tools Rx provides is just amazing. And there are so many tools for all type of learners. I’m just amazed 🤩

My university doesn’t teach and USMLE-Rx has been beyond helpful in my studies.

It is a tremendous help if you are trying to memorize the FA book. When you are reviewing the Qs you get a screenshot of the section of book that contains the answer to that particular question. Not having to skim through the book looking for explanations saves a lot of time. I’d highly recommend to incorporate this resource as soon as possible during preparation.

I annotate my first aid with the Express Videos and feel like I’m retaining the material. It’s more active than just reading First Aid which is pretty much pointless when it comes to retaining material unless you’ve used another resource and reviewing it for highlights. But for actual learning the videos are my favorite and the teachers are good at explaining….The practice questions are equally as useful. Application is the most important part for boards and testing yourself on the foundations is where the crucial learning happens. I already referred the program to my friend who just bought 360 like me.

You guys practically have the whole package. Flash cards, videos per First Aid topic, Qbank, and more. Plus a digital copy of First Aid….Oh… And I almost forgot, some guy got a 272 on Step 1 using USMLE-Rx.


Grab the Rx360 bundle now, save big on all 3 products, and master the content you need to ACE the Step 1 exam:

  • Full access to Step 1 Qmax, Flash Facts, and Express Videos
  • Get a massive discount by grabbing all three products in this package deal
  • Study anytime, anywhere with the USMLE-Rx app
  • Includes an integrated, fully-digital version of First Aid

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